What is an Engager Invitation?

In partnership with Every Home for Christ, we have developed a tool to engage your congregation in talking with their friends and families about Jesus.

Outreach Engager Invitations are a modern-day tract that work as a powerful evangelistic tool. They are designed to start converstations about Jesus, and then encourage seekers to take their next step of faith by visiting a special, compelling website, where they can explore the topic more. Note: Engager Invitations are available to churches in the USA only.


Engagers are simple, printed pieces on a variety of topics designed to point readers to Jesus. Order or download Engagers for Free.

Not Sure where to start or what to say? Learn how to use each Engager with its accompanying how-to guide and training video.

Go and share Jesus' love, using an Engager to help spark the conversation. Use the free Encounter Outreach app to track interactions.

Pray that those you met would encounter God through the Engager, follow-up website, or a future interaction. Trust that God is always at work.

Choose From Two Options:

You Customize (Stock)

500 Free Engager Invitations (not folded)

This Engager Outreach Kit includes 500 flat Engager sheets ready for you to add your church information and fold, plus a training guide and access to training videos to help mobilize your church to reach your community. (Avalable for churches in the United States only. A flat $10 shipping & handling fee is charged per box.)

We Customize for You

Customized & Folded Engager Invitations

Customize these with your church information printed on the backs. Engager Invitations arrive to you folded and ready to hand out! Select the "We Customize" tab to order and when you check out you will be emailed a form to describe the customization you want. (Available to churches in the USA only. Small customization and folding fee applies.)