Every Home for Christ Engagers


EncounterLife offers simple, culturally relevant engagement tools—called “Engagers” —to help you engage others in Gospel conversations.

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to start a spiritual conversation. EncounterLife Engagers are designed to help spark, supplement, or follow-up from these conversations for next steps.


Choose From Two Options:

You Customize (Stock)

500 Free Engager Invitations (not folded)

This Engager Outreach Kit includes 500 flat Engager sheets ready for you to add your church information and fold, plus a training guide and access to training videos to help mobilize your church to reach your community. (Avalable for churches in the United States only.)

We Customize for You

Customized & Folded Engager Invitations

Customize these with your church information printed on the backs. Engager Invitations arrive to you folded and ready to hand out! Select the "We Customize" tab to order and when you check out you will be emailed a form to describe the customization you want. (Available to churches in the USA only. Small customization and folding fee applies.)

Order Engagers

Explore our library of Engagers as you prepare to share Jesus in your
community. Each Engager is supplemented by a how-to guide,
training video, and a follow-up website.

Jesus alone holds the power to transform a heart, but He asks us to be a part of His work—and promises to walk with us wherever we go.

Reaching people where they live is more than just a strategy; it’s about meeting people where they, not we, are most at home. Every one of us can share Jesus’ love with others. And there’s joy to be had in these conversations, because there is life that comes from sharing how we’ve experienced Jesus’ love ourselves.